anna vayal puduvai ANDAL ara’ngaRkup pannu tiruppAvai pal padiyam
inniSaiyAl pADik koDuttAL naRpAmAlai pUmAlai SUDik koDuttALaic collu 
SUDik koDutta SuDark koDiyE tolpAvai  pADi aruLa valla pal vaLaiyAi
nADi nIvE’nkaTavaRkku ennai vidi enna immARRam  nAm kaDavA vaNNamE nalgu

Gopika Jeevana Smaranam Govinda Govinda!

From yonder times, what the Sathgurus have always told us is that "everyone has the right to perform bhakthi, anyone can do. Bhagavan does not see any differences in all of us, whether a person is learned or not, looking handsome or not, good behaviour or not. It seems even for one with bad behaviour, the bhagavan would correct him and make him a bhaktha though he is having doshas (flaws). Whether that person has money or not, learned or not, having a big house or no house at all, with good health or not the bhagavan sees no difference at all it is said. The only one thing the bhagavan wants to see is only bhakthi, love. If we just place our love on the bhagavan, even though we have so many doshas, these doshas will be eliminated little by little and HE would be make us impeccably pure. This is what several charithrams of the Mahan's show - some Mahan's have been wealthy and have attained bhakthi, Sant Ekanathar was very wealthy and was a bhakthar. On the other hand Sri Kuchelar had no wealth but he was a great bhakthar. What knowledge was possessed by Gajendrar, who performed bhakthi, just what an elephant could have read. The Greatly learned Sri Sri Bodendral Swamigal and Sri Sri Sridhara Ayyaval of Tiruvisanallur also performed bhakthi. Those with strength and those without also performed bhakthi. There is a kshetram called Kalahasti, the significance of what Sri Sri Anna would say, 'What is Kalam (a Spider), in strength if you see the spider is one which has the lowest. Just a tap and the spider will die. In strength the one which is highest is the elephant (Hasti), Kala-hasti. So the strong elephant also has bhakthi and the weak spider also  performs bhakthi, both are treated as the same by bhagavan.' So all the charithrams of the Mahan shows that the lifestyle can be anything - moneyed/poor, learned/unlearned but the mental peace can only be got by a bhaktha only. This is what several mahans have shown the way to us. 

Why we need a path to be shown is, even in the materialistic world if you see if we have to practise doing something, we have to be trained. For example, if we take business, there is a training period to learn the process. If you have to be a doctor, you need a training period under a doctor for some time, for a lawyer likewise you need to work under him for a period of time, auditor etc., in each of the disciplines you need to be under them and learn how they are doing things and these people can show us the way because they are experienced. So we see that even for something we can do that is very much visible to the eyes, we need a guide, what about the way which we cannot even see with our eyes - the paramartha margam. So if you say I will find out and see the God myself, this is not possible it seems. We need the guides, these guides or mahans are people of exceedingly high qualities and superior capabilities in the sense they have see nthe bhagavan and then shown us the path. So we know that the path we take based on what the mahans have shown us will surely be right. All of the Mahans have always said the same, "Temple Worship, Namasankeerthanam or vice versa". This is what they have always been saying. 

Sri Andal also shows the same path. Which path,

Ongi ulagaLandha uththaman pEr paadi
naangaL nam paavaikku chaatri neeraadinaal
theenginRi naadellaam thingaL mum maari peydhu
Ongu peRum senN nel oodu kayalugaLa

poonguvaLai pOdhil poRi vandu kaN paduppa
thEngaadhE pukkirundhu seerththa mulai patri
vaanga kudam niRaikkum vaLLal perum pasukkaL
neengaadha selvam niRaindhElOr embaavaay

Sri Andal is also showing the path, 'Ongi ulagaLandha uththaman pEr paadi' - "Namasankeerthanam" which all the Mahangal have unanimously told us we said before is the same told by Sri Andal. If we sing should we not sing the name of the "uththaman" and not sing about the ordinary persons, or rich or famous persons or praising them. It is said we should not keep praising unnecessarily about anyone. If we need to praise we only should do so for the 'uththaman', the bhagavan. One who is 'Ongi ulagaLandha uththaman pEr paadi'. What is the nature of this 'uththaman', Sri Sri Anna would say,

"For Sri Bali Chakravarthy who gave sand, HE gave HIMSELF!".

Will anyone give himself just for sand? The bhagavan it seems is gaurding Bali Chakravarthy, he did not take away all the wealth, just simply by the action of seemingly taking all his wealth, he gave the wealth of the wealths, the king of all wealths and everything - HIMSELF, he gave to Bali chakravarthy.

What will one get if he performs Namasankeerthanam? What will one not get, says Sri Anna. The place where the Namasankeerthanam is performed will itself be "Subhiksham".

"Keshava Nama Keerthanamave va, Kalim Kalmashaharam subhadanimai va"

All the 30 Thiruppavai, Sri Sri Anna has sung as Sanskrit Keerthanams called "Godha Prabhandam". The same meaning of all these 30 Thiruppavai will come in Sanskrit with some more interpretations and with explanations included as well.

If you ask me to sing, I cannot. What shall I do? For ragam, I say varagham, swaram means rameshwaram, thalam means vedhalam, if you ask me to sing. For singing it seems we dont need ragam or thalam we only need the mind. If we know the ragam, well then we can sing with ragam, if we dont know the raga then,

"Vasudeva, Krishna, Madhava, Govinda.........." as we sing like this it would automatically form the Arabi ragam and will be tuned to Adi talam it seems. But I know how to sing with raga, ok then we sing as

"Vasudeva, Krishna, Madhava, Govinda, Vamana, Thrivikrama, Padmanabha eti
Keshava nama keerthanameva kali kalmashaharam subhadanimai va"

Its so simple. Those who know singing can sing, those who dont know can just say the name itself. If we say nama we can get  mental peace, mainly gossip will be destroyed from us once and for all. We keep talking of this person and that person, if this gossip goes away people will start to think of us as good anyway. If one is not good, if even for a short time one is keeping silent, people will start saying he is a very good person.

If we perform this namasankeerthanam, what all we will get. Sri Andal gives us a complete list.

                        "theenginRi naadellaam thingaL mum maari peydhu"

In a month there should be atleast 3 times rain. If we perform Namasankeerthanam, correctly then at the right time and right season rain will come.

"uchithakAla mitha vrishti karam"

There are two things it seems concerning rain one is it should rain at the correct time and second it should rain with the right quantity. If there is too much rain for 24 hours or 365 days then it will be downright frustrating, its called athivristi; there will be no growth in the soil. We should not have "Athi vrishti(floods) or anAvrishti(no rain)". uchithakala mitha vrishti karam - rain should fall with the right amount and should fall at the right time "uchithakAla". When its time for the harvest, then if rain falls heavily then all grain will go waste as the paddy (crop yield) will be destroyed. Again just at the time when we start for the harikatha, at 6.30 pm then there will be great downpour and we wont be able to even come to the harikatha itself. So rain should fall at the appropriate time. If the harikatha is between 7 pm to 9 pm, then rain should not fall before 7 pm or after 9 pm as it will be troublesome for the bhakthas to come to the katha. 

"uchithakAla mitha vristi karam" likewise "theenginRi naadellaam" rain should fall.
"Guruvayurappa" if said, thats why in this desham, Kerala desham is quite bountiful perhaps. Because everyone keeps saying "Guruvayurappa! Guruvayurappa!". But if we come to Tamil Nadu we can say, people are all suffering, 3-4 years its been so bad with no rain, only this year its better they say. If we do charity or dharma karyam or chant namasankeerthanam then only there will be rain and there will be crops aplenty.

ok, why talk about rain now. Only if it rains, there will be water resources and land resources created.

Ongu peRum senN nel oodu kayalugaLa it is said. Here Sri Sri Anna will tell with great taste "You know how the "rice growth" will be where there is namasankeerthanam chanted, this "senN nel" called "nellU" (paddy), each one of them will even grow to Thrivikrama size, this grain itself will grow to the size of Thrivikrama. Such will be the growth and there will be plenty. Rice over, next is milk. You will get lots of milk it seems,

vaanga kudam niRaikkum vaLLal perum pasukkaL says Sri Andal. Either the crow from Brindavanam or the cow from Gokulam or the cow from Srivilliputtur, if we see each of them, these cows will be the size of an elephant it seems. The Cow will be the size of an elephant due to hearing "Radhe Radhe", the cow will become quite big and not weak or undernourished.

Where there is no namasankeerthanam, even if we pay lots of money and buy a cow and give the cow lots of food, then when they start to milk, the cow even after repeated attempts there will be only 4 drops of milk coming out. There wont be milk begot the size of a spoon even. The cow will think it seems, having drunk this milk this fellow is going to gossip anyway, why should I give? But here if namam is said, "vAnga kudam niraikkum", in "kudam" (vessel it seems!) milk is got. We only know that we milk the cow with just a bowl as we have heard, but in this case there will be milk in several vessels, such is the greatness of the namasankeerthanam. Likewise land resource, water resource and wealth will be obtained. 

neengaadha selvam niRaindhElOr embaavaay

"neengaadha selvam" - It be full with selvam. Here also there is an explanation - All wealth is limited only and impermanent. NeengAtha selvam - what Sri Andal is saying here - Bhakthi, Jnana and Vairagyam (dispassion) which is NeengAtha selvam - the permanent, eternal wealth. If we just get that trithi ("satisfaction"), even if one who gets 10 Rupees only will be standing tall if he has that satisfaction. If there is no satisfaction, then even one who has 10 crores, he will be telling "I dont have anything, nothing and keep telling so". If we need a satisfied mind then we need the wealth of tripthi (satisfaction), wealth of bhakthi, wealth of vairagyam (dispassion). Getting all this we will be living happily says Sri Andal. 

uththaman pEr paadi

Sri Andal saying is a divine saying. Its is a divya vani, divya parimalam. Sri Anna will say Thiruppavai grantham is equal to the Upanishads. Upanishad is what wakes up all the jeevas. Tiruppavai is also a prabhandam that wakes up all the jeevas. But there is one difference. Upanishad only wakes up the jeevas, that is it brings the jeeva out of agnAnam (ignorance). Thiruppavai wakes us up as well as wakes up Sri Krishna. Waking up Sri Krishna it says all these bhakthas are waiting in earnest, will you not give abhayam to these devotees and save them all? Telling so to Sri Krishna, then coming to us and tells us "Why always you are sleeping, eating and being lazy, go and surrender yourself to Sri Krishna". Telling us this, being in the centre as a purushakAram ("intermediary"), Sri Andal joins is with the emperuman. This is the meaning of the Thiruppavai.

"Andal" - why called so? "Azhwar" - why called thus?. Those who performed deep devotion to the bhagavan, there were called as Azhwars. Why was Andal called "Andal", because she rules over us by taking us in order to obtain a divine surrender, so called Andal.

Andal Charithram is a very fascinating charithram, just like Mirabai Charithram. It is a "parama pAvamAna" charithram (pure and chaste life history).

There is a place called Srivilliputhur. In that person a great person by name of Vishnuchittar lived. Even if one does not know the name of Sri Vishnu Chitta, the name of "PeriAzhwar" is known to all. That is periAzhwar is otherwise known as Vishnuchittar. PeriAzhwar, why the name? Because he was the father-in-law of Lord Perumal himself. Being such a great person, the father-in-law of periAzhwar - perumai pondra Azhwar so periAzhwar.

Srivilliputhur is actually called "Dhanvipuram" in sanskrit. Dhanvi means "bow" in sanskrit. Bhagavan once had a war with an asura by name "Kalanemi" and won the battle in Srivilliputhur. So its also called Dhanvipuram. On top of this, there was a rishi by name Markandeyar. He was meditating on the bhagavan at Srivilliputhur. The Lord appeared before him and asked what he desired for? What we would have normally asked? Our poverty should go, we should get 1 crore, we should get houses. But Markandeyar really asked, 'PrabhO! Everyone keeps saying "Maya", "Maya", what is Maya really? Can you show me the home of this Maya? 

Here Sri Anna will tell very nicely, 'For everyone Maya is visible but for Markandeya only the Maya was not visible it seems'. Maya is always dancing on our own heads as mentioned in the Srimad Bhagavatham. On the banks of Pushpabhadra river is the ashram of Markandeyar. Suddenly one day he comes out to see the waters of the pralaya rising up like anything, all the ponds, rivers and seas are all rising and 

is consuming all the houses, cattle, villages and towns into itself and everything is drowning. He looks in amazement and as he was worrying that he himself would be drowned any minute, immediately he was drowned as well. He is now trying to keep himself drowning in the water desperately. The waters are swiftly carrying him away here and there. He doesn't know what to do with a mixture of fear, sorrow, worry and sadness coming to him in turns repeatedly and then he realised, "oh! this seems to be the "Maya", I asked the bhagavan to show the "Maya" and this is what has happened, I am drowning in it". Then he sees that all these water of the pralaya flowing into somewhere. Trying to float himself above the water he tries to find out where these waters lead to. Then he finds out in a leaf, our sweet Guruvayurappam is lying on it, shining brightly in blue and what is the bhagavan doing! The little child guruvayurappa is licking his toe lying on the leaf and enjoying the taste of it. Markandeyar looking at the beautiful sight enjoys it. 

"IndivaradalAkshyanthaM indranIlamaniprabhAm indrAdidEvasamsEbhyam 
indirAyAprAna vallabham srivatsakAustubha dharam srudharakshara tat param 
sridharam jagathAdAram bAlakam bahU sundaram pibantam saranAngushtam 
paramAnandakandanam vinokya prema bhashpyEna susidhganayanAmbhujanam"

The child is licking his own feet. Why?, for this in a beautiful way Sri Anna would say, 'Why the child is licking his own feet?" Bhakthas again and again saying "Guruvayurappa, we seek refuge at your feet" come and fall at the feet of the bhagavan. Bhagavan wonders why again and again they are coming to my feet only, what is so special about this and what is the taste in this? HE took his toe and kept in his mouth, and then he did not like to take it out since then. He is so happy licking it and lying on the leaf such a taste in HIMSELF, he was enamoured by it - SatchidAnanda Tattvam.

Pralaya Waters is "Sat"
The leaf is "Chit"
Bhagavan kannan is sleeping on it as "Ananda" moorthy.

Markandeyar watches all the waters of the pralaya going inside the mouth of Sri krishna. Houses, cattles et all go into the mouth of the bhagavan. Just as Markandeyar thinking that he also is about to go inside the mouth, he enters into the mouth of the bhagavn himself. Suddenly he opens his eyes but at the same pushpabhadra river bank, the same ashram he is looking as he was doing before. None of this had happened. This was shown to him. Since he has asked to show the mAya, he was shown. But why this story now? In the next srishti after the waters of the pralaya receeded, in the same ala vriksham, earlier there was a ala leaf fallen, this ala vriksham rose as a tree in Srivilliputthur and the same bhagavan came into being as Vatabaddhrasayi, HE himself is in vatapatra in Srivilliputthur. Markandeyar is keeping under his shelter in Srivilliputhur. Only for Markandeyar the bhagavan came and lay down in Srivilliputthur. But though we say according to the sthala puranam that it must be for Markandeyar but inr eality it must be for our Andal that 

the bhagavan has come there. Andal is going to be born here in Srivilliputthur. 

PeriyAzhwar would perform the offering of garland in Srivilliputthur. be continued with part2